Proxy Servers for Beginners

Let’s start from the very definition. A proxy server, or commonly called, proxy, is something everybody experiences when going online. When a user goes on the Internet, his IP address is available to the sites he or she goes to. Some people don’t want to share this information. This is where proxy servers and VPN services come in handy. They assign a different IP address to your computer protecting the one you got from your Internet service provider.
There are different types of proxy servers. Although they basically do the same thing, the difference lies in how they do it, how much they cost, what range of other features they obtain.
When you talk about proxy, you understand that it performs on your behalf and this is how you communicate with any website. Originally, they were commonly used by the business owners to avoid conflicts between IP addresses. Nowadays, they can do so much more. When you buy proxy server, you get a number of additional perks. First of all, they store frequently used data which, in its turn, allows accessing this information quicker. In addition, it’s a great way to improve the business’s security. The servers encrypt the data and protect both the seller/owner and the customer.
It became really popular recently since people wish to protect their personal information and proxy servers can assure it. Now any activity online can be safely done. What’s more, some proxies offer geo-blocking making your “new IP address” appear from elsewhere. For instance, if a game is restricted only for users from a certain country, anybody from another country can access it using geo-blocking feature. Go to and find out how to play this game safely.
When trying to classify them, there will be many types. You can come across such kinds as reverse, transparent, anonymous, distorting proxy servers, etc. Although they have a common goal, they have some weaknesses as well. One of the major drawbacks is the browsing speed. When using a proxy or a VPN, your Internet speed might slow down a bit. Sometimes it isn’t noticed but when you operate with the big amount of data, you are sure to feel it. In addition, it isn’t cheap. There are free versions which do not promise 100% security. However, when you need something more reliable, you’ll have to pay. Some people also don’t like that a proxy might make a copy of your browsing history and store it.
When you choose a proxy server, you must make sure it meets your needs and provides you with all the functions you wish.

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