The Complete MobileGo ICO Review

If you are keen on the world of cryptocurrency, you have probably already heard about MobileGO. This is the 1st mobile gaming platform that supports the cryptocurrency. It’s also a store which has great resemblance to Google Play. MobileGo ICO offers hundreds of games as it aims to become the biggest Google Play rival in this niche. In addition, the platform allures by offering 20% and better deals in general.
These advantages are mainly possible due to cryptocurrency or the so-called MobileGo tokens. You should check out the ICO review page to see how the transactions happen and why you should be a part of it. So far, the platform has sold tokens of a total value of 53 million dollars.
Datcroft LTD., Gamescredits spent almost 2 years building the 1st cryptocurrency-based mobile gaming store. The MobileGo crowdsale and MobleGo ICO token insurance are likely to fund all marketing and branding expenses. Their token has established itself as a simple, reliable, and profitable cryptocurrency. It can be used to pay for buying games and in-game things as well as a tournament prize, a discount, etc. The number of possible transactions isn’t limited or restricted in any way. The blockchain technologies (Ethereum and Waves) secure the speed of all transactions.
The current token price is about 0.3 USD. The platform is decentralized and the tournaments are decentralized as well. The token holders have additional discounts. It has the ticket MGO and many specialists call it quite promising and it should be taken for long-term investments. The statistics show that in the long term it’s going to grow up to 200%, while in the short term the dynamic is 11% negative.
MobileGo ICO offers lots of opportunities for gamers as they encourage participation in tournaments. It offers tokens as rewards for other activities like retweeting posts, following the company on social media. In addition, the cryptocurrency eases the payment process, makes it faster, and provides with a chance to buy the essential game content.
All of it was brought to life by a professional team that consists of Fran Strajnar, Maxim and Sergey Sholom, Nicola Djoke, Stefan Crnojevic, and Vesselin Peev. They are currently talking about cooperation with several IT companies in order to improve their position on the market. You can purchase the tokens on more than a dozen markets including BitForex, IDAX, etc.
Explore the MobileGo’s official site and social media accounts to get more information.

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